Lieutenant Commander Hanse Voortjes (pronounced 'VOORT yes' or 'VOORT chess') is a Catullan officer serving at Outpost Eden as chief engineer.

Height: 1.67m, shorter than the average member of the Federation's founding races.

Skin: Peach-orange

Hair: Light green

Eyes: Dark blue

Facial markings: A tattoo the same shade as his hair, one design making a half-circle above his right eyebrow, with a small crescent below the eye on the same side.


Father: Ulfen taBarjon

Mother: Voortjes enMirte ("Voora"), divorced Ulfen and married Voni taNoemb

Sisters: Sintamme enVoortjes, Berdi enVoortjes


Age 19: completes undergraduate via workstudy at Yoyodyne Industries, Catulla, applies to program at Utopia Planitia

Age 22: completes Masters in ship design at Utopia Planitia, applies to StarFleet based on advisor's input


Ensign: Starbase 10

Lt. JG: Age 25, USS Mekundu, Bellerophon-class science vessel, posted to Briar patch, sixteen months of slipstream testing

Lt.: Age 27, USS Ja'at Elam, Vesta-class long-term expedition ship, edge of galaxy beyond Tzenkethi space, first as a lieutenant and then chief engineer

Lt. Cmdr.: Age 29, Chief Engineer, Outpost Eden

Mission Achievements

We're Everywhere Participate in an Outpost Eden launch mission (on Outpost Eden, the USS Belfast or the USS Odyssey). For founder members of the group.
All This Time, They've Been Right! Participate a mission where your crew uncovers an espionage plot.
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