'And what they greatly thought, they nobly dared.' (Quote inspired by Homer)

USS Odyssey
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USS Odyssey

The USS Odyssey is a Galaxy class starship, currently assigned to the Eden Region. As part of the taskforce assigned to what was formerly the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Odyssey and her crew are at the forefront of Starfleet and the Federation's efforts to maintain the newfound peace with the Romulan Star Empire. A goal, it seems, that is not shared by everyone on both sides of the agreement. Commander Brek and his crew have no choice but to rely on their versatility as they face unknown challenges and break ground never before trodden by Starfleet's finest!

The Odyssey herself has a proud tradition of defending the Federation. Prior to the Dominion War, Captain Keogh led the Odyssey through the Bajoran wormhole and into the Gamma Quadrant in an attempt to rescue Commander Benjamin Sisko from enemy captivity. The ship was destroyed in the process as a result of a Jem'Hadar show of force. Mainly as an act of respect for the original Odyssey and her crew, but partly as an act of defiance, Starfleet bestowed the name on another ship of the same class, and she still stands proud today, refitted since the years of the Dominion war, which she survived through the determination and resourcefulness of those who served on her crew.


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