USS Belfast
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USS Belfast

The USS Belfast, NCC-85320, is a retrofitted Miranda-class ship currently assigned to the Eden Sector, formerly known as the Neutral Zone. The ship is one of only three vessels currently assigned to region. Admiral Diego Herrera, has tasked the Belfast and its crew with exploring, charting, and policing the volatile region following the signing of the Treaty of Tarod. The Belfast is commanded by Commander Jansen Orrey with Commander Kaitlyn Falcon serving as his First Officer.

The Belfast, originally retired shortly after the Dominion War, was pulled from retirement and retrofitted by Starfleet at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. She has been equipped with the latest sensors, weapons systems, warp-engines, and other technologies. However, the Belfast was not equipped with slipstream technology.

Circumstances in the Eden Sector have changed a great deal since the peace came to the region. The old rivalries between The Federation and the former Romulan Star Empire still simmer just below the surface. New powers are beginning to emerge. With the peace treaty still in its infancy, there are some who seek to take advantage of the situation.

What lies ahead for the intrepid crew of the Belfast?

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