A Comprehensive Guide to Progression

Hoping to get promoted? At Outpost Eden, we're just as keen to see you rise through the ranks as you are to earn that new, shiny pip on your collar. That's why we're open about our promotion requirements - we want you to know what you need to do to earn your next rank, what you earn when you get there, and what we expect of you before you can move on again!

Outpost Eden Rank Structure

We use the rank structure seen on TV in the TNG-era Star Trek shows. A list of commissioned and non-commissioned ranks can be found on our wiki.

List of Ranks

Promotion Guides

You can find links to the promotion guides from Ensign to Flag Officer below. All promotions concern your out of character rank - if you're playing a civilian or non-commissioned officer, you will still conceptually start at Ensign. Each time you are promoted, your out of character rank will follow the commissioned officer track, and you will have the privileges and responsibilities relating to that rank. If at any time you're unsure of your out of character rank, feel free to drop your mentor a line to discuss it.

Ensign to Lieutenant (j.g.) Lieutenant (j.g.) to Lieutenant Lieutenant to Lt. Commander
To be promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.), you'll need to be meeting your group's minimum posting requirements. You'll also need to invest some time in your character. For a promotion to full Lieutenant, you'll need to be leaving tags for other players and starting to help out with out of character work on your ship. Lieutenant Commander requires you to be looking to tag players who are at a loose end, and to be more of a support to your command staff.
Lieutenant Junior Grade Guide Lieutenant Guide Lieutenant Commander Guide
Lt. Commander to Commander Commander to Captain Beyond Captain
Players aiming for Commander are looking to take the first steps towards becoming staff members. You'll be involved in helping other members to develop. If you're aiming for Captain, you'll be involved in making sure your ship is a success. By now, you will have been given a chance to prove you can command a crew. To achieve flag rank, you'll have been in command of a vessel for a year or longer. You'll also have helped a new commanding officer into the big chair!
Commander Guide Captain Guide Flag Officer Guide

Provisional Ensign to Ensign

Once you've submitted your application form, you'll be placed on a ship, on moderated status. Your mentor will help you to adjust to our style of writing, which includes using the right formatting and responding to tags left for you by other players. As soon as you have, you'll be able to post without moderation, and you'll be considered a full Ensign.