Note that final disposition of personnel and services in the Outpost is still being explored, and may change.

Outpost Eden
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Eden Sector

Floor Plans by Sector

Core Sector

  • 60: Observation Level: Admiralty offices; Observation deck (staff only) - Briefing rooms 1-5 (All with transparent aluminium walls; view out to horizon and up is excellent, view below horizon mostly blocked by bulk of outpost dome)
  • 59: Eden Command Information Centre (ECIC) - CO's Office, offices of first and second officers, general sector administration pool, upper arboretum, event space and event support spaces; Communications Array tech
  • 51-57: Ops Tier: Administrative Offices; Flag officers and Diplomatic Corps, Outpost Eden Operations, JAG Office, Satellite Network Control Hub
  • 41-49: Intelligence Tier: Intelligence Officers' Quarters, Medical Facility, Cargo Bay Omega, Briefing Room, Chief Intelligence Officer's Office, Situation Room, Research Labs (Equipped for Science, Medical and Engineering), Holodeck 43
  • 31-39: Hospital Tier: Main Infirmary, Counselling Offices, Surgical Suites, ICU, Morgue, Medical Labs, Many different quarantine suites, Environmental Control; physiotherapy
  • 23-28: Engineering Tier: Fusion Reactor Core, Chief Engineer Office, Primary Computer Core, Auxiliary Computer Core, Upper Shield Generators

Perimeter Sector

  • 51 - 58: communications tech, upper phaser array (task-specific access required); special VIP landing bay access to command core tier
  • 51: Diplomatic Suites
  • 49: Habitat Tier: Captain and First Officer quarters, Senior Officers' Quarters, Bar (Starfleet only), Officers' Mess, Holodecks 40-42
  • 48: Habitat Tier: Officers’ Quarters
  • 41 - 47: Habitat Tier: Crew Quarters;
  • 41: High Road: walking and running path that loops on a ledge around the interior of the outpost, with great view of greenspaces below
  • 27 - 29, 31 - 39: Habitat Tier: Civilian Quarters, Nursery/Schoolrooms
  • 27: Greenspaces: Arc Alpha ("Fieldside"): Field Sports, tennis courts, etc.; Arc Beta ("Woodside"): Arboretum, Quiet Walking/Running/Contemplation; Arc Gamma ("Parkside"): open green space for kids and families)
  • 21: Low Road: broad avenue/corridor/canyon cutting down into commerce tier, onto which many of the bars, clubs, restaurants and performance venues open
  • 21 - 26: Commerce and Leisure Tier: business district, Holodecks 1-25, hydroponics, Water Park, Gymnasia, Sports Facilities, Parrises Squares Court, bars, clubs, restaurants, performance venues, galleries, shops; additional space for science, religious facilities, miscellaneous use spaces
  • 16 -19: Science Tier: Science Office, Stellar Cartography, Specialist & Multipurpose Labs, Hazmat Labs, Sensor Array, Federation Terraform Command, Holodecks 26-40, Upper Shield Emitters (external)

Security Sector

  • 11 - 27: Security Tier: lower phaser array, Chief of Security Office; Brig; Armouries and ammo manufacturing; Phaser Range; Briefing Rooms; Central Security and Communications Hub, Strategic Operations Offices; combat simulation holodecks, obstacle courses, conditioning, extra quarters for military personnel if required
  • 9: Flight Control
  • 1-4, 6-9: Two rings of primary flight craft bays, surrounded by rings of cargo bays; tractor guidance systems

Ground level

  • Controlled-content water canal; Planetary Science Canal Facilities (generic geo/eco/bio/zoo labs) Alpha 1-7, Beta 1-7, Gamma 1-7; cargo turbolift loop connecting labs to cargo turbolift shafts in outpost struts

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