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Eden Sector
Outpost Eden has a large complement of support craft, including sixteen Danube class runabouts and more than 200 shuttlecraft and small sub-warp vehicles of varying designs and mission parameters such as work bees and travel pods.

'Avalon' Class Runabout

Outpost Eden has a complement of sixteen Danube class runabouts, named after cultural equivalents of 'Eden' from the mythology of various spacefaring civilisations and Federation member worlds

Design history

Runabout Okudagram

After commissioning the construction of Outpost Eden, Starfleet Operations also ordered the construction of sixteen warp-capable auxiliary craft to be attached to the outpost with long-range, general-purpose mission profiles. Utopia Planitia Shipyards chose to reuse the overall design principals of the highly successful 'Danube' class, using the opportunity as testbed for improved fuel efficiency and sensor bandwidth: creating the 'Avalon' subclass. The design team consulted xenomythologists from the Starfleet Anthropological Institute to ensure cultural sensitivity during the designation process, allowing all ships of the class to be named after parallels of 'Eden' from Romulan mythology and the mythologies of several Federation member worlds.    


USS Avalon (NCC-83272) - named for the legendary kingdom in Earth's Celtic histories

USS Aztlán (NCC-83273) - named for the conception of paradise in Earth's Mayan mythology

USS Brigadoon (NCC-83274) - named for the disappearing city in Earth's Scottish folklore

USS El Dorado (NCC-83275) - named for the legendary city of gold in Earth's Spanish-American legends

USS Erebus (NCC-83276) - named for the hall where honourable warriors go after death in Romulan mythology

USS Eyrie (NCC-83277) - named for the roost of the Great Bird of the Galaxy in ancient Betelgeusan sonnets

USS Golgrogga (NCC-83278) - named for the inexhaustible banquet hall of the legendary warrior king Gog Mog Rog, from the Tellarite Scroll of Eternal Feasting

USS Mak'relle Dur (NCC-83279) - named for the Trill afterlife, where the thoughts and memories of joined Trill are "enfolded" after their death

USS Neorxnawang (NCC-83280) -named for the conception of paradise in Earth's Anglo-Saxon mythology

USS QI'tu' (NCC-83281) - named for the Klingon conception of paradise, an arena where legendary warriors fight and feast for all eternity

USS Roakachak (NCC-83282) - named for the legendary ideal in Saurian culture of a basking pool that’s always exactly the right temperature

USS Shambhala (NCC-83283) - named for the conception of paradise in Earth's Bhuddist faith)

USS Sha Ka Ree (NCC-83284) -named for the conception of paradise in ancient Vulcan mythology from before the Time of Awakening

USS th'Reshthalanor (NCC-83285) - named for a legendary harbour across an infinite ocean in Andorian epic poetry

USS Vorta Vor (NCC-83286) - named for the conception of paradise in Romulan mythology) 

USS Xanadu (NCC-83287) -named for a medieval Earth city that was romanticised in the works of human poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge