Ensign Emirry Martell, a Terran/Betazoid hybrid, is currently serving as an Operations officer aboard the USS Belfast.

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Emirry Rayn Martell Valdis

Species: Terran/Betazoid

Date of Birth: 236501.24

Place of Birth: Washington, Earth

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Orientation: Pansexual

Telepathic status: Empathic, telepathic with other readers

Height: 5’4’’

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Grey

Skin Tone: Pale

Build: Curvy

Birthmarks, Scars: Three inch scar on the outside of her right forearm

Tattoos/Body Modifications: Multiple ear piercings 

Handedness: Right

Personal Background


Name: Oliver Martell

Species: Human

Relation: Father

Occupation: Jounralist, Holonovelist 

A retired journalist, Oliver Martell now spends his time writing holonovels and hiking the American Pacific Northwest. He is a quiet, reasoned man and maintains a close relationship with his only daughter.

Name: Mariana Valdis

Species: Betazoid

Relation: Mother

Occupation: Sociologist 

Aloof, brilliant and passionate, Mariana Valdis continues her work as a successful researcher in the social sciences. Emotionally distant by nature, Mariana's relationship with Emirry can only be described as intermittent.

Leora Valdis

Name: Leora Valdis

Species: Betazoid

Relation: Sister, half

Occupation: Mediator 

A Betazoid with questionable morals, Emirry's older sister, currently works as a mediator-for-hire. Despite her proclivity for taking holidays, she has done well for herself, though Emirry often wonders about her methodology  The two sisters have always had to deal with long distances between them and exchange letters regularly.

Early Life