Rogue Captain Brad Majors, CO of the stolen ship StarSlayer (formerly USS Dominant), is a PNPC owned by Lt. Cmdr. Anthony Clifton (USS Odyssey).

The StarSlayer is a former Federation starship (USS Dominant) that was commandeered by Brad Majors, her Exec when he deemed Starfleet was double crossing his former captain. He basically turned the ship into a pirate vessel, and made his way via a stolen quantum slipstream to the Delta Quadrant (among other places).

Majors was becoming disillusioned with Federation hypocrisy as he saw it, and that pushed him over the edge. A small group stayed with him, but most of his crew are whoever or whatever joined him over the last 2 years. He has been stealing tech wherever he could for this ship, and is now heavily modified and armed, with a wide array of alien technology.

Despite the fact that he now prefers to live as an outlaw, he is still loyal to the Federation. He may be a pirate but he would not help anyone hurt the Federation.

Upon returning to the Alpha Quadrant he helped Odyssey crew deal with a dangerous situation, but he also tried wooing Exec Jo MacLaren (who rejected his advances).

See Odyssey Mission: ‘Meanwhile in outer Space’

At the end of that mission Majors returned to his ship to discover that Vlak (a Kazon) had organized a mutiny against him and was intent upon taking over the ship.

Several months later, Majors heard of rumours that the Vriha Sulla might hit India Station, and making sure his location couldn't be traced, he informed Captain Brek of his findings.