Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander

You're starting to move towards the senior end of the rank spectrum. Promotion to Lieutenant Commander requires you to take on more ship-based out of character work, mainly focusing on supporting new players who are joining your ship. You'll also be assisting the command staff in guiding missions, and you will be provided with inside information to help you. Performing well as a Lieutenant Commander opens the door for you to be considered for a position on a ship's command staff!

In Character Requirements Out of Character Requirements Privileges of Lieutenant Commander
Meet all the requirements for Lt (j.g.) and Lt Help to facilitate your group's plot by guiding the action through your own posts Opportunity to lead away teams and small groups of officers in missions
Seek out players who have not been tagged and provide them with tags Contribute to mission reports, wiki maintenance for your group. Contribute to mentoring wherever possible Involvement in mission planning behind the scenes
Involvement in mission planning behind the scenes Opportunity to be considered for a position as first officer for one of the fleet's groups
Complete a full mission with your crew without taking a leave of absence