Myfanwy Jones

Lieutenant J.G.  Myfanwy Jones is currently assigned as a Science Officer on the USS Odyssey.


Full name: Myfanwy Glynis Jones Rank: Ensign
Species: Human Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Caernarfon, Wales, Earth Date of Birth: 236605.27
Age: 27 Height: 5'4"
Weight: 133lbs Build: Curvy
Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel
Skin: White Relationship Status: Single
Handedness: Right

Assignment History

238709.01-239106.27: Starfleet Academy, Majoring in Science with emphasis in Biology, Chemistry and Astronomy

239106.27-239301.14: Research Station 17 (Sol System)

239301.14-Current: USS Odyessey

239301.13: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant J.G.


238209.01-238708.31: Attended Cambridge University, obtaining BA, MA and PhDs in Biology, Chemistry and Astronomy

Recent Logs

Professional Log

Personal Log


Myfanwy was born in the small Welsh village of Caernarfon to Owain and Callwn Jones (nee Griffiths). She was third of four children. Her close friends and family sometimes call her Myffy.

Encouraged from a young age to pursue whatever interested them, Myfanwy was drawn toward the sciences. She often spent time in the local Snowdonia region of Wales, She began attending Cambridge University at age 16, where she earned higher degrees in multiple scientific fields. Shealways dreamed of pursuing her research on Earth. Despite having multiple higher degrees, when her best friend from childhood, Lynn Morgan, applied to Starfleet, Myfanwy did as well.

She is extremely shy and quiet -- some might say mousy -- much preferring her research experiments, books and pets to the company of others. To some she comes off as cold, but she is merely extremely pollite and suffers from social anxiety so is reserved. She excelled at her studies, but rarely, if ever, went out unless Lynn pressured her.

She is very close to her parents and siblings, contacting them almost daily.


  • Father: Owain
  • Mother: Callwn
  • Siblings: Llewellyn (Brother, six years older)
  • Siblings: Ffion (Sister, four years older)
  • Siblings: Alwyn (Brother, three years younger)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Pets: Cat (Pwyll, a male tabby and white Scottish Ford) and Dog (Branwen, a female brown and black Welsh Terrier)
  • Mentor: Hooran Vixx, the Bolian scientist on Research Station 17 who first took Myfanwy under his wing after university and the Academy and who recommended her for the assignment in the Eden sector.

Mission Achievements

  • Trouble in Paradise (239301.19 - 239303.09)
We're Everywhere Participate in an Outpost Eden launch mission (on Outpost Eden, the USS Belfast or the USS Odyssey). For founder members of the group.
One Way Or Another Participate in a mission where terrorists are the main antagonists.
It's a Faaake! Participate in a mission where the Romulans are the main antagonists.