New to Play by Email RPGs?

This might be your first experience of email role playing, or you may be looking to see if Outpost Eden is different from some of the other groups you've tried. Either way, this guide is here to clue you in on exactly what happens when you join.

How to Keep Track of the Action

Each of the ships and outposts in the Outpost Eden RPG uses two different Google groups. Both are email subscription lists. When you submit your email address as part of the membership form, we add it to those lists so that you can start to receive mail from the other members of the group. This should come direct to your inbox. If you don't see anything for a while after you join (you should get a welcome email from a member of the command staff) then it's worth a look in your spam folder, just to make sure things haven't been stacking up in there when you weren't looking!​

Two lists?

So why are you subscribed to two lists? It's because we use one email address for role playing (in-character emails only). We use the second one for "OOC", out-of-character emails. You can use this second list to say hi to your crew, comment on the current plot, ask questions if you get stuck, or generally chat to the rest of your crew as a whole! Your command staff might use it for announcements.

The email addresses for these groups start in different ways. In-character roleplaying lists begin with the name of the ship or outpost on which your character was placed. Out-of-character lists begin with OOC. This should help you to avoid sending a mail to the wrong list by mistake.

How to Post

To post using your email client, start a new email addressed to the group list you want to post to, type in your reply and then hit send! 

- Start a new mail in your email client.

- Type in your group's email address - then just add a subject line and your post, and you're ready to go!

Again, you should always start a new email rather than hitting the reply button if you're posting to your in-character list, so that your reply doesn't get lost! (Some people's email clients will display it as part of a conversation and hide it underneath a stack of other replies!)

Just so you know - if you're used to using Yahoo groups, Google groups does not send a copy of your post to your own email inbox as it assumes you know you clicked send! If you're worried that your post didn't get through, you can take a look at the Google group page and find out there.

This tutorial was written by Chen. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact us

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