Lt. Commander Hanek Dakora is the Chief Engineer of the USS Odyssey

Full Name: Hanek Vostro Dakora

Species: Betazoid

Height: 6'-4"

Place of birth: Medara, Betazed

Hair Color: Brown

Length of Hair: Short

Eye Color: Black

Build: Strong, but not Bulky

Temperament: Good natured, humorous.


[NOTE: Temporary Summary. Full Starfleet Dossier in Transit.]

Family History: 

Hanek Dakora is the son of a Betazoid Ambassador, Vostro Dakora. He has two half siblings, Adara  and Troyan Bentley. He Spent his early years on Betazoid with his family but found himself moving around a lot during his teenage years as his father transferred to various Betazoid Embassies. Has a slight distaste for politics and bureaucracy as a result of his fathers dealings.

Religious Beliefs: None (Unusual for a Betazoid.)

Personal History:
[Record Being Transmitted]

Academy Career:
Hanek graduated with above average, if not particularly impressive grades. He is a fast learner who rarely needs to be told how to do something twice. He does, however, possess a tendency to do things the most efficient and direct way, even if it is not exactly the "Right" way.