Lieutenant Commander to Commander

In taking the step forward to Commander, you're letting us know that you would like to be considered for a position on the Outpost Eden staff. Promotions to Commander are not automatic and may take several missions to earn. Most importantly - don't forget to let your commanding officer know that you'd like to work towards Commander once you reach Lieutenant Commander. This will enable them to plan for command mentoring to help you to achieve that rank.

All Commander candidates will be interviewed by the group owner and one other member of the Outpost Eden staff once their promotion requirements have been reached. This will take the form of an informal chat. We will ask you to do this in real time, either in a private channel in the chat room or on Skype, whichever you would prefer. The aim of the interview is for the command team to get to know you and to make completely sure you are prepared to step into the shoes of a commanding officer if the opportunity should arise. We want Commanders to be ready for this for a number of reasons, the most important of which being that if your CO becomes ill or needs to step down, you should be ready and prepared to take their place without feeling like you've been thrown in the deep end.

We want you to succeed, and we do not want the interview to be a daunting process. Rest assured that we are on your side!

In Character Requirements Out of Character Requirements Privileges of Commander
Meet all the requirements for Lt (j.g.), Lt and LtCmdr Let your commanding officer know that you're interested in moving beyond Lieutenant Commander Opportunity to command your group temporarily if your commanding officer needs to take a short LoA
Complete a full mission with your crew without taking a leave of absence Mentor other members of your group Opportunity to command a group on a permanent basis
Proactively assist the commanding officer with out of character duties on the ship wherever possible Opportunity to lead one of the fleet's out of character groups
Provide evidence that you're able to handle out of character issues with a crew