• Name: Jetheth ch-'Dara
  • Rank: Commander
  • Current Post: Star Base 520
  • Race: Andorian/Aenar

Background Information

As an infant, ch'Dara's hybrid coloring was deemed a weakness, an unacceptable defect. His Aenarian father and Andorian mother couldn't bring themselves to abandon the otherwise perfect infant to the elements, as was common in cases of birth defect. They paid an interstellar trader handsomely to find the baby a good home, on a planet without the Andorian prejudice toward such children. The trader readily agreed, then dumped the child at the first outpost he came to.

From one family to the next, one planet to another, Jetheth ch'Dara eventually found himself on planet Earth and in the hands of a retired Starfleet couple, John and Beth Jackson. By then he was an angry, volatile teenager; the hurt and neglect he'd suffered on his journey was an acid, at a constant boil, burning anyone who came too close.

The Jackson's understood what they were taking on when they agreed to take Jetheth in. How much worse than being attached to the Diplomatic Corps assigned to Ferenginar could it possibly be? Or worse, the endless Klingon celebratory feasts! One young Andorian shouldn't be too much trouble. They educated themselves, they organized, and they strategised in Starfleet fashion. They weathered the emotional storms, violent behavior, and rebellion. They did not, would not give up on him and eventually they saw blue sky.

He did well at the academy and had the intelligence to go in just about any direction he cared to pursue, but he suffered from wanderlust and didn't want to paint himself into a career corner that wouldn't allow him to wander with ease. So he entered flight school and once graduated he hopped around, flying larger and larger craft, advancing in rank, and responsibility. It was while he was in command of a medical relief ship, rushing to aid the thousands of wounded still remaining on the calamitous planet Sep Seva, that he met and fell in love with Santiago Ramirez.

Santiago worked as a technician for Mallory-Erson, a private corporation, that manufactured medical equipment. He would be sent out to diagnose and repair equipment, to any and all points of the compass; once the equipment was repaired he left and went on to the next assignment. This made for great difficulties in their relationship, so when Jetheth was offered the command of Star Base 520 they discussed it (for about 5 minutes) and agreed that Jetheth should accept.