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Ensign Rhyl Ch'Cachra is a Science Officer aboard USS Odyssey.


  • Gender: Chan
  • Hair Color: White/Silver
  • Eye Color: Rust
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 165
  • Age: 28
  • Department: Science

Background Information

Rhyl Ch'Cachra is a Bish-ee Andorian from Valor, Andoria.  A graduate of Starfleet Academy, his Thaan (father) and Zhen (mother approximate) were scientists, his Chan (father approximate) was a botanist, and his Shen (mother) an excellent home-maker and breeder of the exotic Andorian Gallah parrot. It seemed natural for him to study the sciences surrounded by so many professional and loving parents.  An exobiologist, astrozoologist, and biological anthropologist, his realm of study focused on space-faring migratory species.  Though he has focused thus far on lesser species (non-sentient), he also enjoys studying the sentient migratory species surrounding him.

Rather more serious and stern than he should be for his age, it's nigh impossible to force Rhyl to crack a smile.  Seeming not to possess a sense of humor, his responsible and diligent nature makes him an up-and-coming officer to watch.  His strong-willed Andorian nature lends him a calm, collected appearance and steady hands even in the heat of a chaotic situation.  Though he tends to speak softly, his actions are swift and confident.

Careful to eat a healthy, Andorian-centric (largely carnivorous) diet, Rhyl doesn't drink and is noticeably health-conscious. Physically active, he prefers swimming to most other activities, but does occasionally indulge in competitive sports or distance running. He also has an eclectic taste in music. He can hold his breath for upwards of 2 1/2 minutes and run a maximum of 12 miles.

Rhyl suffered a broken (left) wrist his 1st Academy year during an exercise accident. Later, he suffered several broken ribs his final year in a scuffle with a Vulcan cadet, in an embarrassing disagreement over longstanding cultural differences.

Like most Andorians, he is rather protective of his antennae, which are also how he expresses most emotion. His maintaining a cool facial expression tends to lead others to believe he is emotionally cold or, when speaking, condescending, which he uses to his advantage in keeping people at a comfortable distance.

Not particularly interested in being popular, he will bury himself in his work and will rarely be found not working on some project, deep in study, or exerting himself physically, which he seems to engage in to the point of exhaustion with regularity. Despite his reserved, private nature, his work is outstanding and meticulously done, and he stays well away from social chaos when at all possible... a departure from the stereotypical aggressive Bish-ee heritage.

While a Chan, the secondary and more androgynous of the two male Andorian genders, he will respond to whatever pronoun is used to refer to him. When referring to himself he does use male pronouns, as he's found this is less confounding to the bi-gendered races that dominate the Federation.

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