Commander to Captain

You'll be eligible for promotion to Captain once you have been offered a position as a commanding officer in the group. As a Commander, you will already have been assessed on whether or not you have the necessary skills to run a group of your own - now, it's about putting that into practice! You won't be alone - a member of staff will be assigned to help you and offer you support. All you need to do is show us that you can keep your crew engaged and that you have what it takes to run a group long term. You'll also need to assure us that you're able to commit to commanding your group for at least 6 months without taking a long-term leave of absence.

In Character Requirements Out of Character Requirements Privileges of Captain
Meet all the requirements for Lt (j.g.), Lt, LtCmdr and Cmdr Ability to lead a crew as a coherent community Participation in Outpost Eden's discussions as a permanent staff member
Your crew is engaged and entertained, and the majority of them meet the group's minimum posting requirements Opportunity to be involved in the promotion process for new commanding officers
Ability to commit to commanding a vessel with no planned long-term leaves of absence for at least 6 months Opportunity to represent the group in external events involving other role playing communities