Ensign Avi'Tashala is a Helm Officer on the USS Odyssey

Name: Avi'Tashala

Race: Vulcan/Romulan

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 135


Avi'Tashala was born as a result of an unplanned liaison between Vulcan refuge coordinator and a disgraced Romulan Tal'Shiar agent. Raised in a refugee camp on Vulcan, Avi was raised in an atmosphere where both parents tried to force her to chose one race over the other.

She escaped to Earth and managed to join Starfleet. In the Academy she kept mostly to herself and made only one or two friends as she had to often deal with the natural prejudice against Romulan. Her mother's status as a former member of the Tal'Shiar was revealed early and made it nearly impossible to earn anyone's trust.